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Welcome to Your Art Class!




Do you need to take a break from the stress of daily life? Or maybe the kiddos need a more engaging and educational activity? Your Art Class is the right place to be! Start with a beginner's drawing and then branch out to create your own pieces. We've got plenty of extra steps or examples to make the experience enjoyable and easy to start. With new lessons each week, you'll be surprised at how quickly you can develop your artistic skills.


My name is Connie Chapman and I created Your Art Class. I was born in Mobile, Alabama and moved with my family to New Orleans where I finished high school and college, got married and had two children. I have a bachelor's degree in Elementary education with a minor in art. I have taken art classes at Tulane, attended many art workshops, taught art, and was an art director for two companies. I have completed many art commissions, posters, logos, book illustrations, murals, and art on canvas. I am an artist and have shown my art in many galleries and have been in many art shows. I am honored every time someone buys or enjoys my art. Currently my artwork is available at my Art Gallery in Pier House Restaurant in Orange Beach, Alabama

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