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Section A Total Class

Section A Total Class


A-Weeks 27 - 39

Flowers of the Month with a Variety of Subjects 
Covering different Aspects of Art, Enrichment, Music Suggestions 

•    105 pages, 39 printable color examples
•    53 printable black and white examples

A-27 "Your Art Class Blooms in July''. The directional plane in artwork. 8 pages.

A-28 "Your Art Class Finds a Nautilus Shell". Contemporary artwork. 9 pages

A-29 "Your Art Class Rides the Streetcar Line". The foreground. 8 pages

A-30 "Your art Class Decorates an Elephant". Decoration is presented. 7 pages.

A-31 "Your Art Class is Glad to Pop in August". Complementary colors. 8 pages.

A-32 "Your Art Class Builds a Sandcastle". Pen and ink technique. 7 pages

A-33 "Your Art Class Sees a Seahorse". The idea of minimalism. 8 pages

A-34 "Your Art Glass Class". Primary and analogous colors with bottles. 8 pages.

A-35 "Your Art Class Has a Shady September". Shades of colors. 7 pages

A-36 "Your Art Class is Bugged". Bugs are used to emphasize theme. 8 pages

A-37 "Your Art Class Kicks". A sport shoe shows negative space. 8 pages

A-38 "Your Art Class Rides into the Sunset". A horse reveals variation. 10 pages. 

A-39 "Your Art Class Stores an Acorn". Color value is seen in acorns. 9 pages



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