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Series A Quarter 4 Collection

Series A Quarter 4 Collection


A-Weeks 40 - 52


Flowers of the Month with a Variety of Subjects 
Covering different Aspects of Art, Enrichment, Music Suggestions


•    103 pages, 39 printable color examples
•    51 printable black and white examples


A-40 "Your Art Class Has Warm October Flowers". Warm colors. 7 Pages

A-41 "Your Art Class Illuminates". Boarders, backgrounds, butterfly. 9 Pages

A-42 "Your Art Class Fills a Wheelbarrow". Mixing browns and pumpkins. 8 Pages

A-43 "Your Art Class Celebrates the Day of the Dead". Traditional designs.9 Pages

A-44 "Your Art Class Has Been Sealed". Presidential Seal and symbolism. 8 Pages

A-45 "Your Art Class Flowers See the Light in November". Light source. 7 Pages

A-46 "Your Art Class Finds King Tut". Importance of history with art. 7 Pages

A-47 "Your Art Class Gobbles". Large turkey reveals mixed media. 7 Pages

A-48 "Your Art Class Weaves a Rug". Pointillism and Realism. 6 Pages

A-49 "Your Art Class Arranges December Flowers". Hues of Color. 9 Pages

A-50 "Your Art Class Enjoys a Starry Night". Stars and Post Impressionism. 9 Pages

A-51 "Your Art Class Has a Sweet Christmas". White with Candy canes. 10 Pages

A-52 "Your Art Class Stains Glass". Intensity and a stain glass window. 7 Pages

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