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Series B, Quarter 1 Collection

Series B, Quarter 1 Collection


B Weeks 1 - 13 January, February, March


Butterflies of the Month with a Variety of Subjects Covering different Aspects of Art and Design, Enrichment, Music Suggestions • 109 pages, 39 printable color examples • 57 printable black and white drawings

B-1 “Your Art Class Rings in the New Year”. Repetition. Bells. 10 pages. B-2 “Your Art Class Meets the January Butterfly”. Design, Shape. 7 pages

B-3 “Your Art Class Constructs an Arch”. An arch shows symbolism. 8 pages.

B-4 “Your Art Class Goes Down Under”. Warm & cool colors, a Koala. 9 pages. 

B-5 “Your Art Class & the Heliconius Longwing”. Abstract design. 9 pages.

B-6 “Your Art Class Gets shot by Cupid”. Fantasy, cupid, and hearts. 8 pages.

B-7 “Your Art Class has Fun with a Cat”. Balance and cats. 8 pages.

B-8 “Your Art Class Goes Round”. Abstract Expressionism with circles. 8 pages.

B-9 “Your Art Class Flies with a Paper Kite”. Stylized Butterfly. Design. 7 pages.

B-10 “Your Art Class Grows Good Luck”. Shamrocks. Theme. Green. 8 pages.

B-11 “Your Art Class Visits Gainsborough”. Blue. “Blue Boy” painting. 9 pages.

B-12 “Your Art Class Hums”. Red is studied with a hummingbird. 8 pages.

B-13 “Your Art Class Hangs Wallpaper”. Pattern and wallpaper design. 9 pages.



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