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Series B, Quarter 2 Collection

Series B, Quarter 2 Collection


B, Quarter  2: Weeks 14 - 26


Butterflies of the Month with a Variety of Subjects                                                                                  

Covering different Aspects of Art and Design, Enrichment, Music Suggestions

  • 112 pages, 41 printable color examples
  • 59 printable black and white drawings

B-14     “Your Art Class Enjoys the Spring Azure”. Simplicity. Butterfly         8 pages.


B-15     “Your Art Class Hops for Eggs”. Texture with a bunny and eggs.     10 pages.


B-16     “Your Art Class Plants a Window Box”. Elements of Art in a box.     8 pages.


B-17     “Your Art Class Visits the French Quarter”. St. Louis Cathedral.       8 pages.


B-18     “Your Art Class Flutters in May”. Contrast in design. Butterfly.        8 pages.


B-19     “Your Art Class Decorates a Bird House”.  Scandinavian Designs.   11 pages.


B-20     “Your Art Class Appreciates Vincent Van Gogh”. Dominance.            9 pages.


B-21     “Your Art Class Sees Directions”. Non Objective Art in Design.            8 pages.


B-22     “Your Art Class and the Popular June Butterfly”. Color Yellow.           8 pages.


B-23     “Your Art Class Swims with Angels”. Value in color. Angelfish.        10 pages.


B-24     “Your Art Class Sits Under a Palm Tree”. The horizon line.                 8 pages.


B-25     “Your Art Class Arranges Flowers”. Variation in art.                            8 pages.


B-26     “Your Art Class Erects a Totem Pole”. Unity in art and design.         9 pages.

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