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Series B, Quarter 3 Collection

Series B, Quarter 3 Collection


Quarter 3: Weeks 27 - 39; July, August, September


Series B, Third Quarter of the Year

B-Weeks 27 – 39

13 Lesson Plans: 

Butterflies of the Month with a Variety of Subjects                                                                                     Covering different Aspects of Art and Design, Enrichment, Music Suggestions

  • 116 pages, 39 printable color examples
  • 64 printable black and white drawings

B-27     “Your Art Class and The Black Swallowtail”. Black. Butterfly                        8 pages.


B-28     “Your Art Class Flies the Flag”. Intensity and history with the Flag.   9 pages.


B-29     “Your Art Class Is a Little Crabby”. Negative Space with blue crabs.  11 pages.


B-30     “Your Art Class Creates a Man Flower”. Mandala designs.              9 pages.


B-31     “Your Art Class Flutters in August”. Realistic design. Butterfly.        9 pages.


B-32     “Your Art Class Plants a watermelon Vine”. Shades of color.           8 pages.


B-33     “Your Art Class Walks the Dog”. Space is addressed using dogs.        9 pages.


B-34     “Your Art Class Tries a Trombone”. Rhythm in art and music.            8 pages.


B-35     “Your Art Class and September Blue Morpho”. Impressionist Design 8 pages.


B-36     “Your Art Class Enjoys Being a Child”. Theme in art with a child.    12 pages.


B-37     “Your Art Class Is Strong”. The horizon tree line with an oak tree       8 pages.


B-38     “Your Art Class Is Wise”. Symmetry is used with an owl.                      9 pages.


B-39     “Your Art Class Goes Downtown”. Composition of a city.                     8 pages.



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