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Series B, Week 20

Series B, Week 20


Your Art Class Appreciates Vincent Van Gogh


Why is Vincent’s van Gogh’s name recognized by so many people as a legendary artist?  Born in Holland in 1853, van Gogh moved to Paris in 1886.  When Vincent moved to France he painted sunflowers to decorate  a room for his artist friend, Paul Gauguin.  Van Gogh painted a total of 11 sunflower paintings.  His sunflowers are in museums in Amsterdam, Tokyo, London, New York, and Philadelphia.  His bold color, brush strokes, movement, and intensity are some of the reasons for the popularity of his warm colored sunflower paintings.  Vincent was a bit unstable and attacked his friend with a razor.  Vincent ended up cutting off a piece of his own ear instead.   Is Vincent Van Gogh legendary because of the ear or the sunflowers?

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