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Series B, Week 29

Series B, Week 29


Your Art Class is a Little Crabby


Blue crabs are known for hanging out in the Chesapeake Bay area and the Gulf of Mexico area. They are crustaceans of the sea that walk sideways under water and have five pair of legs with joints. One of the pair is pinchers, or claws for protection and to scavenger for food (I think the claws are responsible for the term “crabby” disposition). One of the pair is flippers for an awkward type of swimming. It has been said that a female crab will lay as many as 2,000,000 eggs.  Another interesting thing about crabs is that they shed their hard shell when they grow. They have a soft paper thin shell underneath that takes 9 to 12 hours to harden.

When Your Art Class is feeling Crabby, just let go of your hard shell.

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