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Series B, Quarter 4 Collectiom

Series B, Quarter 4 Collectiom


Quarter 4: Weeks 40 - 52:  October, November, December


B-Weeks 40 – 52

13 Lesson Plans: October, November, December

Butterflies of the Month with a Variety of Subjects                                                                                     Covering different Aspects of Art and Design, Enrichment, Music Suggestions

  • 113 pages, 39 printable color examples
  • 61 printable black and white drawings

B-40     “Your Art Class Falls with Cloudless”. Naturalistic Design. Butterfly.   8 pages.


B-41     “Your Art Class Discovers the Lost Bayou”. Landscape with a cabin.    9 pages.


B-42     “Your Art Class Is Under a Spell”. Background with a witch. …………..   9 pages.


B-43     “Your Art Class Has a Jack O’Lantern”. Hues of color with pumpkins. 11 pages.


B-44     “Your Art Class Cubes a Lacewing”. Cubist Design design. Butterfly.     9 pages.


B-45     “Your Art Class Gets Corny”. Tones used with ears of corn. ……….       8 pages.


B-46     “Your Art Class is Making Thanksgiving Points”. Pointillism turkeys.      9 pages.


B-47     “Your Art Class Designs a Shield”. Artistic License. Coat of Arms.           9 pages.


B-48     “Your Art Class Eats a Bowl of Fruit”. Shading. Fruit still life…….            10 pages.


B-49     “Your Art Class is Great like the December Butterfly”. Repetition….       8 pages.


B-50     “Your Art Class Grows Poinsettias”. Tints of poinsettias………                   8 pages.


B-51     “Your Art Class is Huffin with a Puffin”. Christmas puffin. Perspective.    9 pages.


B-52     “Your Art Class Hangs Around”. Ornaments in the foreground……            9 pages.

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