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Series C, Quarter 1 Collection

Series C, Quarter 1 Collection


Weeks 1- 13 January, February, March


Balloons of the Month with a Variety of Subjects                                                                                    

  • 106 pages, 39 printable color examples
  • 59 printable black and white drawings


C-1       “Your Art Class is a Loving Shiny Star”. Neutral Colors.                 11 pages.


C-2       “Your Art Class is as Graceful as a Swan.” Reflection.                      7 pages.


C-3       “Your Art Class Plants a Terrarium.” Shape.                                      8 pages.


C-4       “Your Art Class Enjoys Hawks and Dragons.” Symmetry.                  8 pages.


C-5       “Your Art Class Inflates a Balloon Bouquet for February.” Red.        8 pages.


C-6       “Your Art Class Loves a Rose Tussie Mussie.” Unity.                         9 pages.


C-7       “Your Art Class Becomes a Butterfly Masquerade.” Variation.        8 pages.


C-8       “Your Art Class Has a Sweet Tooth.” Theme in artwork.                   7 pages.


C-9       “Your Art Class is Growing Shamrocks.” The color Green.                 9 pages.


C-10     “Your Art Class Climbs a Magnolia Tree.” Landscape.                      8 pages.


C-11     “Your Art Class Travels to St. Basil’s Cathedral.” Line.                      7 pages


C-12     “Your Art Class Sees an Egret, a Crane, or a Heron.” Contrast.        9 pages.


C-13     “Zig Zag for Your Art Class.” Repetition and Design.                        7 pages.

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