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Series C, Quarter 2 Collection

Series C, Quarter 2 Collection


Series C, Weeks 14 - 26. April, May, June


Balloons of the Month with a Variety of Subjects                                                                                    

  • 106 pages, 39 printable color examples
  • 50 printable black and white drawings


C-14     “Your Art Class Bubbles in April”. Rainbow colors.                            8 pages.


C-15     “Your Art Class Goes into the Swamp.” Perspective.                         8 pages.


C-16     “Your Art Class Hunts Eggs.” Symbolism.                                           8 pages.


C-17     “Your Art Class Gets Floppy.” Texture.                                               10 pages.


C-18     “Your Art Class Cares for May.” Mixing Colors.                                10 pages.


C-19     “Your Art Class is a Vessel.” Shading.                                                10 pages.


C-20     “Your Art Class is a Stargazer.” Watercolor medium.                                   9 pages.


C-21     “Your Art Class Enjoys High Tea.” Background.                                 9 pages.


C-22     “Your Art Class Rides in a Hot Air Balloon.” Purple.                                       8 pages.


C-23     “Your Art Class is a Dandy Lion.” Wordage in art.                             8 pages.


C-24     “Your Art Class is All Aboard.” Realism.                                           9 pages


C-25     “Your Art Class is Bambooed.” Verticle plane.                                  9 pages.


C-26     “Your Art Class Gives Fathers Ties.” Dominance.                              7 pages.

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