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Series C, Quarter 3 Collection

Series C, Quarter 3 Collection


C Quarter 3, Weeks 29 - 39, July, August, September


Balloons of the Month with a Variety of Subjects                                                                                  

  • 110 pages, 39 printable color examples
  • 58 printable black and white drawings


C-27     “Your Art Class is warm and Friendly.”  Color Orange.                      8 pages.


C-28     “Your Art Class Knocks on Wood.” Artistic License.                           9 pages.


C-29     “Your Art Class Has Instincts like a Turtle.” Grid.                              8 pages.


C-30     “Your Art Class Is Rich in Vitamin C.” Composition.                          8 pages.


C-31     “Your Art Class is Happy in August.” Tint of Color.                            8 pages.


C-32     “Your Art Class Is as Tuff as a Thistle.” Simplicity.                           

8 pages.


C-33     “Your Art Class Is Striped.” Form.                                                     

9 pages.


C-34     “Your Art Class Is Out on a Limb.” Foreground.                                 9 pages.


C-35     “Your Art Class Flies in September.” Color wheel opposites.      

9 pages.

C-36     “Your Art Class makes Homecoming Corsages.” Value.                    8 pages.

C-37     “Your Art Class is Brassy.” Rhythm.                                                 

8 pages.


C-38     “Your Art Class Quilts.” Fabric in art.                                               

10 pages.

C-39     “Your Art Class is Gummy.” Hues of a color.                                    

7 pages.

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