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Series C, Quarter 4 Collection

Series C, Quarter 4 Collection


C Quarter 4: Weeks 40 - 52, October, November, December


Balloons of the Month with a Variety of Subjects of Subjects                                                                                  

  • 110 pages, 39 printable color examples
  • 58 printable black and white drawings


C-40     “Your Art Class has October Balloon Pets.”  Shade of a color.          9 pages.


C-41     “Your Art Class Heads to the Farm.” Negative Space.                       9 pages.


C-42     “Your Art Class Gets Scared.” Texture.                                             

9 pages.


C-43     “Your Art Class Is Witchy.” Intensity.                                                

8 pages.


C-44     “Your Art Class Constructs a Balloon Arch.” Warm Colors.          

8 pages.


C-45     “Your Art Class Has a Fleur de Lis Collection.” Copying.                   9 pages.


C-46     “Your Art Class Is Plentiful.” Shadow.                                               

8 pages.


C-47     “Your Art Class Is in a Column.” Pen and Ink.                                   

11 pages.


C-48     “Your Art Class is Squirrely.” Cubism.                                                 

9 pages.

C-49     “Your Art Class Watches December Snowflakes.” Cool colors.         8 pages.

C-50     “Your Art Class Loves Santa.” Elements of Art.                                  12 pages.

C-51     “Your Art Class Has a Stained Angel.” Light.                                        7 pages.

C-52     “Your Art Class has Trees with Angles.” Space.                                   10 pages.

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