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Series C, Week 32

Series C, Week 32


Your Art Class is as Tuff as a Thistle


Thistles have beautiful, unusual flowers and sharp prickly leaves. A long time ago In Scotland, enemy invaders stepped on the prickly leaves, according to folklore, and cried out in pain. This alerted the sleeping Scots and they were able to defeat the invaders. Today the thistle is on Scotland’s coat of arms. Even though the leaves are prickly, when removed some people call the thistle a “Shadron” and refer to it as a salad delicacy. The flower of the thistle is also a great pollinator and loved by bees. Birds are also able to navigate the prickly leaves to feed on the seeds. The tough, prickly, beautiful, and tasty thistle remains a tough plant that has been around for a long time.

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