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Series C, Week 50

Series C, Week 50


Your Art Class Loves Santa


Santa Claus, Father Christmas, Santy, Papa Noel, Kris Kringle, Sancte, and St. Nick are all names for the generous man in the red suit who embraces the spirit of giving. The first Santa was Saint Nicholas who was born in Turkey centuries ago and went to Germany and was called “Sinter Klass.” He was a slender religious man who wore red vestments and gave gold coins to the poor and treats to the children then traveled to Holland.  Some say he came to America from Holland on a Dutch ship. In America he got really chubby and started smoking a pipe. Eventually he moved to the North Pole with his wife because he needed reindeer to pull the sleigh full of presents. The elves got involved and now Santa Claus is busier than ever. Your Art Class can dress Santa any way you want.  

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