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Series D Quarter 2 Collections

Series D Quarter 2 Collections


Series D, First Quarter of the Year
January, February, March
D-Weeks 1 - 13
Signs of the Zodiac with a Variety of Subjects
Covering different Aspects of Art, Enrichment, Music Suggestions
• 40 pages, printable color examples
• 56 printable black and white drawings,
D-1 "Your Art Class Learns about Capricorn". Balance, Goats. 9 Pages
D-2 "Your Art Class Hugs a Teddy Bear". Form, Teddy Bear. 9 Pages
D-3 "Your Art Class Graduates". Springhill College shows perspective. 10 pages.
D-4 "Your Art Class and the Red Triangles". Print triangles on red. 7 Pages
D-5 "Your Art Class Flows with Aquarius". Rhythm and Water. 8 Pages
D-6 "Your Art Class has Heart". Design using hearts. 9 Pages
D-7 "Your Art Class Quacks". Mallard ducks, Background. 8 Pages
D-8 "Your Art Class Eats Cake". Secondary colors, Mardi Gras King Cake. 8 pages.
D-9 "Your Art Class Swims with Pisces". Pisces fish show dominance. 8 pages.
D-10 "Your Art Class is a Young Clover". Clover, Complementary colors. 8 pages.
D-11 "Your Art Class Finds a Scottie in the Window". Black, Scottie dog. 9 pages.
D-12 "Your Art Class Enjoys Daffodils". Value of color, element of art. 7 pages.
D-13 "Your Art Class Goes Round the Color Wheel". Study of Color. 9 pages

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