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Series D Quarter 4 Collections

Series D Quarter 4 Collections


Series D, Fourth Quarter of the Vear
October, November, December
D-Weeks 40-52
Signs of the Zodiac with a Variety of Subjects
Covering different Aspects of Art, Enrichment, Music Suggestions
• 40 pages, printable color examples
• 64 printable black and white drawings
D-40 "Your Art Class Experiences the Justice of Libra". Unity, Libra scales. 8 pages.
D-41 "Your Art Class is in the Web" .Tone in color, Halloween spider web. 7 pages.
D-42 "Your Art Class Clowns Around". Technique with clowns. 8 pages.
0-43 "Your Art Class Flutters with Design". Symmetry using butterfies. 7 pages.
D-44 "Your Art Class is Aware of Scorpio". Color tints, Scorpio scorpion. 8 pages.
0-45 "Your Art Class Loves a Bowl of Fruit". Realism compared, fruit bowl. 7 pages.
0-46 "Your Art Class Uses Words of Encouragement" .Simplicity, anemone. 7 pages.
D-47 "Your Art Class Trots with Turkeys". Middle plane, realistic turkeys. 7 pages.
D-48 "Your Art Class Monkeys around". Artistic license, monkeys. 9 pages.
D-49 "Your Art Class Hunts with Sagittarius". Fantasy, Sagittarius centaur. 8 pages.
D-50 "Your Art Class Builds a Snowman". White color, snowman. 9 pages.
D-51 "Your Art Class Grows angel Wings". Different mediums, angel wings. 8 pages.
D-52 "Your Art Class Goes Repeats Itself". Grids, simple flower, boxes. 11 pages.

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