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Series D Third Quarter Collection

Series D Third Quarter Collection


Series D, Third Quarter of the Year
July, August, September
D-Weeks 27 - 39
Signs of the Zodiac with a Variety of Subjects
Covering different Aspects of ATt, Enrichment, Music Suggestions
• 39 pages, printable color examples
• 63 printable black and white drawings
D-27 "Your Art Class Visits the Crab". Contemporary style, Cancer, crab. 8 pages.
D-28 "Your Art Class Grows·a Vine".Green color, vines growing. 8 pages.
D-29 "Your Art Class Goes to the Beach". Composition. Fun Beach items. 7 pages.
D-30 "Your Art Class Flamingoes". Foreground, Flamingoes. 8 pages.
D-31 "Your Art Class Rules with Leo". Directional plane, Leo the lion. 7 pages.
D-32 "Your Art Class Gives Hugs and Kisses". Symbolism with X's and O's. 7 pages.
D-33 "Your Art Class in Paradise". Shading, the bird of paradise plant. 9 pages.
D-34 "Your Art Class is Light as a Feather". Texture with feathers. 7 pages.
D-35 "Your Art Class is Sunny with Virgo". Warm colors, Virgo and the sun. 8 pages.
D-36 "Your Art Class Visits Gentle Giants". Negative space, redwood trees. 8 pages.
D-37 "Your Art Class Crows ". Space with Roosters. 8 pages.
D-38 "Your Art Class takes a Coffee Break". Contrast, coffee mugs & cups. 9 pages.
D-39 "Your Art Class Falls for Leaves". Color in fall leaves. 8 pages

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