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Series D Week 12

Series D Week 12


Your Art Class Enjoys Daffodils


Golden daffodils are happy flowers that grow from bulbs. They are in the  amaryllis family of bulbs. Once planted, the daffodil continues to bloom every spring and puts on quite a show of golden color. The daffodil is the flower for Wales, in the British Isles. Many gardens around the world feature beautiful displays with fields of daffodils blooming. I was able to visit the Missouri Botanical Gardens that features over 700 unique varieties of daffodils. Other gardens include the Camden, Arkansas Daffodil Festival, the Fremont, North Carolina Daffodil Festival, the Bookgreen Garden Daffodil Days in South Carolina, the Round Rock Daffodil Festival in Texas, the Glouster Daffodil festival, the New York Brooklyn Botanical Bronx Gardens, the Winkworth Arboretum in the UK, 
Cleveland Botanical Garden in Ohio, the Virginia Norfolk Botanical Gardens, and the Dallas Arboretum. I know there are more. Go if you can. 

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