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Series D Week 17

Series D Week 17


Your Art Class is Foxy


The fox is a curious creature. It is in the dog family however they have pointed ears like a cat and their babies are called kits. They are omnivores and eat berries and grasses as well as small rodents. They range in height from only 14" to 21" yet appear to be larger because of their long fluffy tail that is almost as long as the fox. They hunt at night and then often bury their victims so the competition can't find it. Maybe that's why the expression "Sly as a fox" came about. Most fox have five toes on their front paws and only 4 on their back paws but can effortlessly leap over a fence. Although when someone is described as a "fox" that person is considered flirtatious, the animal fox generally stays with one partner for life. So when we say Your Art Class is Foxy, it's a good thing. 

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