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Series D Week 2

Series D Week 2


Your Art Class Hugs a Teddy Bear


The stuffed bear was created by Richard Steiff who was born in Giengen, Germany in 1877. After studying design in England, Richard joined the Steiff family business and created stuffed animals from his drawings. The name Teddy Bear came about because of a political cartoon. President Theodore Roosevelt had gone on a hunting trip in Mississippi. Since the hunt was not successful, his assistant tied a young bear to a tree, for the President to shoot. President Theodore, "Teddy", Roosevelt refused to shoot the bear. The cartoon came out by Clifford Berryman in the Washington Post in 1902. When people saw the cartoon, they wanted Teddy's bear. Morris Michtom, born in Russia in 1870, and his wife Rose created a "Teddy Bear" and the Ideal Novelty and Toy Company was born. Now Your Art Class can create your own Teddy Bear. 

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