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Series D Week 20

Series D Week 20


Your Art Class is the Light of Day


What is the scientific genus Hemerocallis of the family Asphodelaceae and the subfamily Hemerocallidoidae? It is the plant that rewards us every spring with big, beautiful sunlit flowers. It is the Day Lily which in fact is not a lily at all. Most lilies grow from a bulb, however the day lily grows from tubular roots. The flower is the shape of many lilies, and the color of the magnificent blooms goes from pale yellow through the whole yellow spectrum, through the oranges, through the 
reds to the darkest of reds. Day lilies are easy to grow and are disease resistant. When not in bloom, the day lily plant is a beautiful mound of long green leaves that resemble a fountain. Your Art Class can shine in the light of day with the beautiful hemerocallis! 

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