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Series D Week 26

Series D Week 26


Your Art Class Builds a Hut


Most of us would love to live in a little island hut on the beach. In Aitutaki of the Cook Islands, the hut is called a kikau. In Fiji the hut is called a bure. Some islands call them grass huts and some call them bungalows. There are many different names for a hut or hootch and they are often made of many different things. Some are made of traditional lumber boards or out of raw wood. Huts can also be made of mud and grass, bamboo, or whatever crop is grown and plentiful. On Lake Titicaca, between Peru and Bolivia, not only are huts made, but floating Islands of Uros are made of straw. The Islands are made by the Uros people. So if whole islands can be made Your Art Class can build a little grass hut!

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