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Series D Week 28

Series D Week 28


Your Art Class Grows a Vine


Vines can be beautiful or treacherous. Many vines bloom with beautiful flowers. Many vines grow and take over and kill other plants by depriving them of light. People erect a pergola or a trellis for vines such as wisteria, so that beautiful bunches of purple cascading flowers can hang down. However a wisteria vine that is not pruned and cared for can grow up a tree and strangle it. Grape vines must be cared for and pruned to bring us the Biblical fruit. Many vines are not invasive and will not harm the plants they creep on to. One thing all vines have in common is green foliage that seems to multiply. Every morning I like to go check the many flowering vines I have on my back fence. Your Art Class can play with vines and enjoy your morning. 

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