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Series D Week 42

Series D Week 42


Your Art Class Clowns Around


Clowns have been around entertaining and providing a diversion from more serious situations since the Ancient civilizations of China, Greece, Rome, and Egypt. One of the first noted clowns was Naser el-Din who was the court jester to Tamburlaine in the country of Turkey in 1440. The impish spirit, slapstick bafoon, comic character, and mischievous antics of noted clowns are historic. Popov from Russia; Pierrot, the sad French pantomime character; Marcel Marceau, known as Bip the white faced mime clown; Charlie Chaplin, the slapstick; Harlequin, developed in Italy; Emmett Kelly, the hobo clown; Bozo, the red head TV personality; and Red Skelton the comic are all famous clown personalities. Even if Your Art Class has "Coulrophobia," fear of clowns, you can create your own and feel comfortable with your character. 

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