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Series D Week 44

Series D Week 44


Your Art Class is Aware of Scorpio


The scorpion is classified as an Arachnida, not an insect. Scorpions have 8 legs, grasping claw like pinchers, and a curved segmented tail that curves over the back with a stinger on the end. These creatures have been around for 400 million years and have been seen in many prehistoric petroglyph carvings. There are over 2000 different spe􀀖ies with 30 or 40 that have venom strong enough to kill a human. They are solitary and wait vertically for their prey. The zodiac Scorpio sign 
represents those born from October 24 until November 22. The qualities of Scorpios are magnetic, energetic, emotional, passionate, and protective. Your Art Class can minimize the scorpion's sting by giving it a lighter tint of color. 

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