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Off Shore.jpg

Connie Chapman Art at Pier House

Off Shore_edited.jpg


Off Shore

This painting was inspired by the brilliant sun illuminating the horizon offshore. Mixed media on canvas.


Sunflowers II

Many of the farms on the backroads of lower Alabama grow sunflowers and they are so happy.Mixed media on canvas.

Sunflowers II.jpg
In to the Mist_edited.jpg


In to the Mist

I was inspired by the misty morning over the lake in the Gulf State Park. Mixed Media on canvas.



This painting was inspired by May Day Park in Daphne, Alabama. Beautiful old oak trees are draped with Spanish moss, looking like delicate scarves. Mixed media on canvas.

Angels Swim.jpg


Angels Swim

I often use a grid and repeat the image several times. I have done pelicans, flamingoes, turtles, seahorses, flowers, and numerous other flora and fauna.


Mural in Pier House

Pier House Restaurant in Orange Beach is owned by my brother, the chef, Chappy. This mural I did on the inside of the restaurant on the stage.

Mural in Pier House.jpg
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