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Series D Week 41

Series D Week 41


Your Art Class is in the Web


Series D, 4th Qtr, Week 41: Your Art Class is in the Web 
Spider webs are scary. They are intended to catch prey and feel very creepy when we come in contact with. Spider webs are used in many Halloween decorations for just that reason. There are over 50,000 different kinds of spider webs because there are 50,000 different kinds of spiders, according to spider scientists known as arachnologists. Webs are made of a special silk protein and old webs, called cobwebs can last a long time. Ancient Greeks and Romans used spider webs as bandages. The black widow and brown recluse are the most poisonous of spiders, so try to avoid their webs! The St. Andrew's cross Spider weaves a special zig zag pattern in its web. Your Art Class can weave its own spider web just don't get caught up in it. 

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